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Lots of fun last year!  Excited for this year!

If you're also going and need somebody to split a hotel room with to keep the costs down, let me know and we can arrange something.

Looking forward to the 7th! :)

Going to Pico Day Too!

2015-04-22 20:19:04 by Coolboyman

It seems like everyone's going to Pico Day this year, and that includes me!  :)

I'm flying out Friday morning and arriving in Philly Friday evening. I look forward to meeting everyone there, whether it's people I've talked to before or people I'm meeting for the first time.

On an unrelated note, Google decided to end plugin support for Unity which sucks.  If the API doesn't work for WebGL versions of games, I'll push an update to support that.

If you want medals and scoreboards for your Unity game, look no further.

Feel free to report any problems that you experience, it's still a work in progress.  Included is an example scene on how to interact with the Newgrounds API.  There's documentation included as well that serves as a step by step guide on how to get medals hooked up.

I also encourage others to help add support for the rest of Newgrounds functionality.  Most notably save files and the other unfinished functions that show up in the example scene.  So if you think you can contribute, go give it a shot!

Newgrounds API for Unity is on the way.

2014-10-22 21:20:57 by Coolboyman

I currently have medals and scoreboards working.

If you want to test out the API on your Unity game let me know and I'll give you the source.

Here's the current progress.  Not all functions, notable save files are working at the moment: NOTE: You must click on "Connect to NG" button before doing anything else.  If you try the other functions without registering your session first then it'll cause problems.

Jump Tanks at E3! (Kinda)

2014-06-10 20:01:05 by Coolboyman

Hey Newgrounds,

If you don't know what Jump Tanks is, it's a Unity game I did some programming for. Read up on my previous news post:

If you're in LA and want to play Jump Tanks, come to the MIX at 7:00 PM PST tonight to play it as well as other indies. 

If you miss it (and I understand since I'm kind of posting this a little late), you can still see the game in action this Wednesday on the Samsung Stage. It will begin at 4:40 PM PST. Here is the link to the stream:

However you feel about this game, whether you love it, or hate it, feel free to tell me what you think.  I'm always aspiring to do better and every comment helps.

Edit: If you missed the playthrough, watch it right here:


- Adam


2014-04-07 16:08:12 by Coolboyman

So for about 1 1/2 years, I was a programmer on a large Unity project called Jump Tanks!  A stable build was created for IGN's Media Indie Exchange (MIX) right before GDC and people seemed to like what we came out with!  


Jump Tanks is a multiplayer action game with RPG elements. Strike down your foes, earn new tank parts, and use them to make all sorts of crazy tanks! 


Some triple A talent went into this game, and I'll forever be extrelemy grateful that they took a chance on me (while I was still in college too!) and allowed me to contribute.  I'll forever be grateful for my time at MBS games, I learned a lot and got the opportunity to work with some amazing talent. 

We're still looking for a publisher to help us finish the game, so if you know one (or are one), I can refer you over to my good friend Casey, the idea man behind this game and the founder of Mechanical Butterfly Studios.


Let me know what you think!  I'm still also creating content for Newgrounds, two flash games in the works! (By the way Tom, thanks for keeping EMIT on the front page for over a month!)

New Flash Project + More Voice Acting Fun

2014-03-10 18:15:27 by Coolboyman

First of all I'd like to thank you all for how well EMIT's been doing on Newgrounds and the other websites that have offered to host it.  I'd also like to thank Tom and Newgrounds for keeping it on the front page for this long and giving me and Styx a shoutout in one of their follow fridays!

I'll remove the site lock (even though other sites have already done that for me) sometime this week.  I'll also try to make an android version.  GatherX will be appearing on Armor Games as well!

If you remember that I said I was working on one last flash game... well now it's two games. Somebody showed me an unfinished flash game with tons of potential that I'm happy to help get done.  

I did the voice of the boss in this short: The skull however was done by the very talented Blordow.

Also next week is GDC and I'll be attending again this year, should be fun!


2014-02-27 21:36:48 by Coolboyman

So the game's finally out if you didn't know already!

I'm working on one more flash game and then moving onto Unity 2D development for future games.  Also a big game I worked on at my previous job's getting announced next month. 

Follow me on twitter if you want to get the latest info regarding my projects or just hear me talk about random stuff:

Games & Voice Acting Attempt

2014-02-07 12:43:28 by Coolboyman

Whole lotta news from me.

First of all, a new game I worked on came out yesterday!  I'll submit it to Newgrounds on Thursday.  It's gotten some pretty insane views so far as far as flash games go! (Don't worry I'll make a new news post when I post this on NG)

I also tried voice acting for my friend Gerkinman's cartoon.  It got Daily First as well!

I worked on two games for the global game jam last week. One I submitted to NG, another I'm going to incldue into a future mini-game collection.  Needless to say, I'm never programming for two games at the same time for a game jam ever again...

As far as "EMIT" goes, we're still looking for a decent sponsorship.  We'll see how that goes...

While I'm in between jobs, I'm freelancing for other people making games. I'm also an assistant teacher for game developing classess at the Academy of Art Univesrity (San Francisco) and Cal State East Bay.

Hi, I'm trying to get a game released by next week, and I need people to test it!

I need people who will actually test the game. By that I mean people who will do everything they possibly can to break the game, as well as give detailed feedback on the glitches they find.

Comments like "It froze" doesn't help, but comments like "It froze when I jumped and pressed space three times in a row in level 2" can help me track and eliminate glitches. I would also like some feedback on the game.

Do you think it's too easy? Too hard? Did you find it fun? Which parts did you like? Which parts did you hate?

So if you're interested let me know and I'll get in touch with you.

I've attached a screenshot of the game in action.

Looking for Beta Testers for my game.