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New Flash Project + More Voice Acting Fun

2014-03-10 18:15:27 by Coolboyman

First of all I'd like to thank you all for how well EMIT's been doing on Newgrounds and the other websites that have offered to host it.  I'd also like to thank Tom and Newgrounds for keeping it on the front page for this long and giving me and Styx a shoutout in one of their follow fridays!

I'll remove the site lock (even though other sites have already done that for me) sometime this week.  I'll also try to make an android version.  GatherX will be appearing on Armor Games as well!

If you remember that I said I was working on one last flash game... well now it's two games. Somebody showed me an unfinished flash game with tons of potential that I'm happy to help get done.  

I did the voice of the boss in this short: The skull however was done by the very talented Blordow.

Also next week is GDC and I'll be attending again this year, should be fun!


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2014-03-28 00:29:29

Can't wait. Have fun with the GDC thing.