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2014-02-27 21:36:48 by Coolboyman

So the game's finally out if you didn't know already!

I'm working on one more flash game and then moving onto Unity 2D development for future games.  Also a big game I worked on at my previous job's getting announced next month. 

Follow me on twitter if you want to get the latest info regarding my projects or just hear me talk about random stuff:


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2014-02-27 22:12:46

Nice work. the game was well put together and pretty fun..

Coolboyman responds:

Thanks dude.


2014-02-27 22:39:32

Heeey Welcome back buddy!

Coolboyman responds:

Thanks! I'm trying to be a bit more active on NG now.


2014-02-28 19:22:00

Well good to hear I miss having the old regulars on this site